I thought I would start off by introducing myself! First of all, I’m excited you are here. This space is something I have wanted to create for quite some time. I actually used to love writing (comm major, can ya tell?) and would be obsessed with writing blogs. I would post them on Facebook and to be honest they were probably a little bit too transparent… well anyways.

Back to introductions! I have been married since 2020 to my husband, Nick. We actually had the *opportunity* to have two weddings, because of the pandemic. We had a beautiful 25 person wedding on September 19, 2020, which is our actual anniversary. We then had a larger wedding in Carlsbad the following July, where everyone got to come celebrate! Best of both worlds.

We live in the Westside of Los Angeles, and have been living here for 6 years, but are on the move back to our roots in Orange County, where we both were born and raised.

I spent 7 years after college in the hospitality industry, and you may be thinking, how did you end up in health and wellness, working for a fast food chain? I won’t bore you with the details, but I have always wanted to be a business owner, and just had a hard time pinpointing on what that may be.

In the early days of the pandemic, I was doing at home Melissa Wood Health workouts and she had posted about the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. We lived with our best friends at the time, and I started cooking dinner for us every night. I absolutely loved finding new recipes, and the satisfaction of creating something that could fuel someone, bring a smile to their face, and spark joy around a dinner table. I became obsessed with that feeling – and I really think that feeling is what has carried me here today.

I enrolled within the same week I found IIN, and graduated 2021. Markham Method was launched when I became an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. As the next few months went by, and I had the opportunity to take clients, I realized I wanted to be able to help more, and learn more. I also am a student by nature, so I knew I wanted to continue my education.  In my research, I found the Nutritional Therapy Association, where they focus on a holistic approach to nutrition, specific to individual people. I felt very aligned with what their program taught, focusing on foundational principles such as Diet, Digestion, Blood Sugar Regulation and Fatty Acids,  to address an individual’s health concerns. I enrolled in February of 2022 and will graduate in November 2022.

Throughout my research and education, I believe that nutrition is a key component of a healthy body. Restoring your health through nutrition and lifestyle resources is my mission, and I would love to support you in that journey. As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I will be offering 1:1 programs, specifically designed for the individual. Head to “Work with Me”, where you can find more information about the programs, and the link to sign up for my waitlist.