Eeek! I’m so excited my new curated recipe membership is HERE! This is a monthly membership filled with 30 nutrient dense, whole food, hormone balancing recipes.

You may ask, why made you reach this point?! Well, for one, I was so tired of looking for nutritious recipes. I know we have Pinterest, and Instagram, but it takes TIME. Time is something that we never really seem to have, do we?

I also would make a recipe and find myself either unsatisfied, not completely full, or wishing there was more. This is the fun part of creating, is I get to do just that. I wanted a space where I could trust that the recipes would nourish me, balance my blood sugar, use whole food ingredients, and also, be delicious!

“Healthy” recipes is such a buzz term, so I didn’t want to create that. I wanted to create a one stop shop – where not only you are getting recipes, but you are getting tips on the NUTRITION behind the INGREDIENTS. I wanted a space to KNOW why sweet potatoes are “healthy” for me, and what vitamins they contain that are beneficial to my body.

There are many recipe creators out there, but having recipes sent to you from someone who has studied nutrition and how food can help your body thrive, is going to be much more beneficial to your health. The ingredients I use and study are ingredients that are going to nourish you. I don’t focus on diet, restrictions, or cutting out – I focus on whole food ingredients, that are going to taste good.

This is also why there isn’t a specific “meal plan” – after a few years of believing meal plans are the winner, I have come to the conclusion that they are not. Stressing out about a specific plan can cause symptoms to worsen, which is why you have a whole month of recipes to choose from, and make at whatever time you choose.

I am so passionate about providing these nourishing options, and truly have poured my heart and soul into these monthly recipes. The monthly membership is $9.99/month, but if you have read this far, and you haven’t signed up yet – you get your first month at $5! Just use the code “BLOG” to activate your code.

Thank you for being here – and happy cooking!